The Kremlin is attempting to acquire an array of new weapons and intelligence-gathering capabilities that could prove useful in its military campaign against the U.S., according to a senior U.N. official.

“Russia has shown that it is willing to pay the price for its aggressive behavior,” U.K. ambassador to the United Nations Matthew Rycroft said in a statement Tuesday.

has,” he said. “

We need to see a Russian-led cyberwar and a concerted effort by Moscow to identify, collect and exploit cyber vulnerabilities that the U:S.

has,” he said.

Rycroft noted that U.NSOI, a U.

Ns. cybersecurity agency, was working with Russia on its cyber defense strategy.

“This is not a matter for Russia alone, this is an issue for all countries,” he added.

Ryfcraft said the Russian offensive on U. S. election operations has continued despite a United Nations Security Council resolution that imposed sanctions on Moscow over its 2016 military intervention in Ukraine.

Rybac has also expressed concerns that Russia may try to conduct a cyberattack on the U to prevent the U from getting ahead of the Trump administration’s agenda.

Ryscraft noted that Russian hackers have been targeting U. N. agencies for years.

Rybcraft also said that the Russians have demonstrated a willingness to pursue an “unprecedented” cyberattack campaign.

Rycraft warned that the Kremlin could use this new threat to increase its leverage in the region and “in the face of a U .

S. president who has been so focused on his ‘reset’ with Russia, he is likely to try to use cyber attacks to leverage his leverage and influence” in the Middle East.

“While the Russian government has been conducting its offensive cyber-warfare operation in cybergangs since last year, there is a growing trend in recent weeks to show that Russia has a plan to escalate this campaign,” Ryscroft said.

“It appears that Russia is using its cyber capabilities to develop more sophisticated capabilities, including more sophisticated computer systems, in the face, as we have seen with recent attacks on the United States.”

The Russian military’s “information warfare” campaign against U. States and NATO allies in the Caucasus and Central Asia has intensified in recent years, according to Rycroft.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to “fight” the U, the U S. and NATO to win, and has vowed a new offensive against the West in retaliation.

“As we have witnessed in recent months, Putin is seeking to strengthen his cyber capabilities and to advance his own political and military interests,” Rycroft warned.

The U. Nations Security Committee issued a resolution last week that called on Russia to cease its “active cyber activities in cyberespionage, information warfare, information and intelligence gathering, cyber attacks and other cyber operations.”

The resolution also called on Moscow to ensure that all information and information technology systems, including computer systems and networks, were fully and securely protected.

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