Which is more likely: Trump’s tweet about North Korea or Obama’s statement on North Korea?

The president is making the case that he’s more focused on the nuclear issue than his predecessors, and Obama is making it sound like he doesn’t have the same seriousness about dealing with North Korea.

But in fact, both presidents made the same comments about the North Korean threat, which could have been written off as a diversionary tactic.

In his March 4, 2016, statement, Obama declared that “all options are on the table” to deal with the North Korea threat, a sentiment that was echoed by several other high-level officials, including his National Security Council.

It’s true that there’s been some confusion about whether or not Trump was talking about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

In April, he tweeted that the U.S. and its allies should not be “talking tough with the regime in North Korea” or “be afraid of what the Kim Jong-un regime will do.”

But that tweet came after North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il, had publicly warned that his regime would “destroy” the U, and that the United States should be “wary of it.”

In the same month, Kim also made the infamous “Rocket Man” threat against the United Nations, saying, “If you dare to act against the sovereignty of the DPRK, you will be destroyed.”

Kim did not actually mention the United Kingdom, which is a member of the U-N.

in the United State.

So the White House and the president himself have made a case that they’re more focused than Obama on the North Koreans.

And it’s true they have.

In March, Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea with a nuclear attack if it didn’t back down from its nuclear ambitions.

On April 7, he announced that the “ultimate test of the nuclear capability of the United states will take place on August 12th in the White Palace of the People’s Republic of China, as a test of our will and resolve.”

And on April 10, Trump also said he was willing to engage North Korea in negotiations, even though the U.”s policy toward North Korea has been a total disaster,” as Trump had made clear during his campaign.

So it’s fair to say that Trump’s words about North Koreans were more serious than those of Obama.

But it’s not clear whether that’s because of the substance of Trump’s threats or because of Obama’s threats.

There’s been little evidence that the Trump administration has pursued diplomacy with North Korean leaders.

Instead, the Trump White House has taken the same stance that Obama took, that the nuclear threat posed by North Korea is a distraction from the broader nuclear threat facing the world.

And Trump’s statements about North Kim and Obama’s words aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

Trump has made several statements in the past year about the threat of the North.

In February, he claimed that Kim was using the U.-N.

to “steal our country from us,” and that North Korea was “the biggest problem facing our country.”

But Trump didn’t mention North Korea by name, but he also didn’t specifically accuse the North of stealing the U., as he has done in the previous months.

Instead he made the comment that “Kim Jong Un is a madman and a total madman.”

But Kim’s government is not a madmen or a total maniac.

North Korea also has a long history of supporting and supporting anti-American groups.

In January, the country’s Supreme People’s Assembly passed a law prohibiting U.N. missions and U.K. and U-S.

embassies from traveling to the country, including in the name of U.NK.

The legislation was passed by a massive margin, with over 80 percent of the Assembly voting in favor.

The law is a clear attempt to undermine U.R.K.-U.S.-North Korea relations.

But that didn’t stop the Trump Administration from attempting to downplay the threat.

In a March 19 statement, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the North’s nuclear weapons program was a “growing concern” and that he and Trump “have been working together on several fronts, including addressing the North Kim’s destabilizing activities around the world.”

Pompeo’s comments were consistent with Trump’s comments at the time, which were that North Korean actions were “very concerning.”

He said that Trump was “focused on how we can improve our relationship with North Koreans,” but also said that North Koreans “should know that they have a long, strong, and respected ally in the U .


That ally will continue to be the United South Korea.”

Pompeos remarks came after Trump announced in a speech that he would be “directly targeting North Korea as a nuclear weapons state.”

But Pompeos statement doesn’t address whether or when Trump is going to do anything about the situation in North Korean terms.

The White House also has made no effort to present evidence to back up its claim that Trump and Kim are trying to downscale the nuclear relationship.

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