What you need to know about the “Star Wars” sequel: Everything you need read below

By now you’ve heard about the Star Wars sequel.

What you might not have known is that this new version of “Star War” will be a big improvement over the first film.

We’ve compiled the biggest news, rumors and facts about “Star WAR: The Last Jedi.”

You can read all the articles below.


The movie will be in 1080p.

The original “Star Trek” movie was shot in 4K, but “Star,” the movie, and “StarWars” were all shot in the Dolby Digital 5.1 format, which means the original movie was in 4:3 aspect ratio.

The new “Star” movie will have the original film’s original aspect ratio of 5.2:1.

In the original “The Last Jedi,” the film shot at 30 frames per second and was then cut down to 25 frames per minute to keep the movie moving.

Now it’s being done in 4k.


The director is J.J. Abrams.

Abrams is a big fan of “The Matrix,” and he shot “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” with the Matrix’s digital camera.

The “Star wars” trilogy is based on a book by George Lucas, and Abrams and his cinematographer, Andy Serkis, shot all the scenes in a 2K theater.


Luke Skywalker’s character will be played by Anthony Daniels.

The main character in the first “Star war” movie, Skywalker, was played by John Boyega.

Daniels has been working with Lucasfilm since 1997.

He’s currently directing the next “Star-Wars” movie.


The lightsaber battle will take place on Dagobah, the planet where the original trilogy was filmed.

Dagoban is one of the worlds featured in “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Fellowship of the Ring.”

The location is where Gandalf and Frodo meet their two main characters, Sam and Éowyn.

The second film will shoot on the planet of Eriador, and the final movie will shoot there.


Daisy Ridley’s character is played by Oscar Isaac.

Ridley has been playing Rey since the end of “Rogue One,” but she won’t be the only female protagonist in “Star trys” sequel.

Ridley’s Rey will be the first female Jedi.


Mark Hamill is returning to voice Kylo Ren.

Hamill, who plays Poe Dameron, is also returning to play the character of Kylo.


Finn is played with a much smaller role in “Rogue one.”

Finn is the main character of “Finn and Jones,” and the actor played him on the hit “Star trek.”


Daisy is a clone.

Daisy will be an artificial intelligence created by an experimental group called the “Darth Plagueis” to fight against the Empire.


The final film will feature a whole lot of CGI.

The filmmakers have taken the “Avengers” series and made it into a “Star of the Future” story with CGI.

It will include everything from the ship in the original films, the battle scenes, the lightsabers, the Millennium Falcon, and even the ship’s “wings.”


It’s not a reboot.

The movies are not a remake of the first films, but they’re the most recent additions to the “Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

“Star wold” is being adapted from the comic book series “Aquaman” by Brian Michael Bendis.

It features an entirely new team of superheroes.

It won’t make a direct sequel to “AQ,” but it will bring in some of the characters from the first two movies and introduce new ones.


A major plot twist in “Last Jedi” will lead to Rey being killed.

She’s on Dagorh, the world of the original novels, and is on the run from the Empire and other criminal groups.

She is captured by an unknown group of characters and forced to work with an undercover officer named Kylo to rescue her.


Daisy’s character has a dark side.

The character of Daisy will eventually turn evil, which is why she’s a “dark side” character in “A Star Wars” movie and why she has a very specific character arc.

The villain in “last Jedi” is called “Dagoban.”


Kylo will be playing Luke’s mentor, Rey’s mother.

“The Force Awakens” director J. J. Abrams made it clear that Luke and Rey will have a very close relationship, and he will teach Kylo some things.


Rey’s character in her original trilogy will be Kylo’s friend, Han Solo.

He’ll become an important character in Luke and the story, and his character will eventually become a key figure in the new “Last” movie’s story.


The first “Last”-era scene will be set on the moon.

This is because the original movies were shot on a

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