Why is it that the Washington Post is so obsessed with ‘white supremacy’?

The Washington Post recently launched an online edition that focuses on race, culture and identity, and its editors are no strangers to a contentious debate about race and identity.

In March, they published a piece that criticized the white supremacist group Vanguard America, which has gained momentum in recent years, for holding rallies and rallies that celebrate “the white race.” 

The Washington Post’s piece was an attack on Vanguard, the white supremacists’ most prominent outlet, and their organizers and members.

The post went on to highlight the “white supremacist” movement and the “disgraceful” ways that the group was being treated by the media.

“The white supremacist movement is a threat to our nation and the way we view the world,” the article said.

The Post later issued a correction, but the backlash has continued.

On Sunday, the Post published an op-ed in which senior editors at the newspaper defended the Post’s coverage of the Vanguard rally, noting that it “wasn’t even about the Vanguard event.”

“This article does not reflect the views of the Washington Times or the editorial board, and we do not endorse its viewpoint,” the op-eds said.

“We also stand behind our reporting of events that took place in Charlottesville.”

“It is clear to anyone who cares about the American public that Vanguard is the real threat to America,” the editors wrote.

While the Washington post is known for its liberal politics, the paper has also faced controversy recently.

The Washington Times editorial board recently declared that the newspaper’s coverage was “dangerously wrong.”

Last week, a white supremacist in California was charged with murder in the killing of an unarmed black man.

In the wake of the Charlottesville violence, the newspaper issued an apology to the man, and the Post has since launched a campaign called #SaveTheDiversity.

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