Why you’re wasting your time on Instagram, HuffPo’s new boss tells us

6×6: Why you are wasting your life.

It’s the HuffPo CEO’s latest book, which is coming out soon.

I am the man behind it.

I love writing.

I don’t have a schedule.

I’m not a regular reader.

I write for the internet.

I wrote it for myself.

You see, I like writing.

But I’m an asshole, and the people I’m writing for hate me.

So I have to write it, and I do.

I hope you like it, because I am very happy.

And the next thing you know, I’m going to be the CEO of HuffPo, and you’re going to hear me tell you that, too.

(I’m kidding.)

I am happy.

But if I’m honest with myself, I love reading.

I have a lot of great stories.

So, I guess I write about a lot.

And I think the same thing happens with Twitter.

You know, when you look at how many people are tweeting, you see a lot more interesting things than you did the first time you saw it.

People who aren’t interested in it are going to tweet at me.

They’re going, “What do you want to talk about?”

I’m like, “Nothing.”

I’m really not interested in that.

But then I see something interesting.

It could be a video or a book or something, and they’re like, Oh, I want to know what that is.

I want them to understand what’s going on.

So there’s this opportunity there to get people to read.

And it’s fun.

I mean, there’s something in it for them.

There’s a chance they’ll get into something that they’ve never seen before.

It might not be something they’re going out of their way to look for, but it’s something they’ll want to get into.

And they’re always looking for something, even if it’s not a book.

So that’s the thing.

But it’s also a great way to get to know people.

There are people I read, I think, that are going, I mean it’s hard to believe that this is a job that they’re doing for a living.

I’ll never be a good writer.

I’d never be good at this.

But there’s a way to be.

And when I do something interesting, it’s kind of like a new life.

I always want to make sure that people understand what I’m trying to do.

And if they don’t understand what you’re trying to say, you just gotta tell them.

Because that’s all I do, that’s my job.

And then when I get to be an executive and it’s my turn to go, I’ve got to do something different.

But at the same time, I don?t want to just be an assistant.

So my job is to try to be that.

And to be able to help people be successful in their lives.

I know that sounds a little crazy.

It does sound crazy.

But that’s how I do it.

That’s how people do it, too, you know?

That’s my life.

But when you hear me talk about how I like to write, people will understand that I like it.

And that makes it a little bit easier for me.

And what you’ve just read is a very good read.

But what you haven?t read is why I think it’s a good read for you.

So let?s just go through what I like about the book.

I?m not going to say it.

But let?t forget about it.

Because the book?s really about how you can do what you want in your life when you want.

And why it?s good for you to write what you love.

Because it?ll make you feel good about yourself.

I can’t stress that enough.

I just know I love it.

So the first thing I?ll do is write a book on my own life.

You?re going to love it, you?re not going a million miles away.

So you can?t go wrong with that.

I really like writing about my life, too because I know what makes me happy.

It?s a lot like my life—I don?l think of it as my life to me, not a lot about it being a life for me, but a life that I enjoy.

And so the book is really about that.

The book?

Says that I can?ve done all the things I want and I don’t have to.

I got a bunch of things that I want.

It says that you don?ll have to make those things happen, because you can’t.

So why bother with them if you?ve got so much that you can accomplish with them?

Well, there?s

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