Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk’s Facing A Potential $20 Million Fine For Tesla’s Spark Plug Dealership Breach

The Tesla Motors head of sales, Mike Brown, has confirmed that a Spark Plug dealership he manages has been found to be selling the wrong Spark Plug in the past.

In response to a reporter’s question about the Spark Plug fiasco, Brown wrote in a Medium post: Tesla has confirmed to me that Spark Plug has sold out of the Spark in the last week, and that the sales are going on for the wrong ones.

This is a serious breach of our policies.

We take any unauthorized sales of Spark Plug extremely seriously.

Tesla has issued a public apology for this, and is working to restore the Spark to its rightful place in our inventory.

In a separate Medium post, Brown said he was concerned about the safety of Spark plugs in general, and this particular incident is an example of the company’s inability to properly regulate sales of the plug.

This means Spark plugs are potentially dangerous, even in their “standard” states.

If you have a Spark plugged in, you should definitely ask your dealer to check for any additional safety warnings or warnings about unsafe chargers.

Tesla is also working to get the Spark plugged into every Tesla vehicle as soon as possible. 

The Spark Plug issue was first reported by the Detroit Free Press in May.

The Spark is a plug in to charge an electric vehicle, which uses the same internal combustion engine that powers cars.

It’s used for vehicles with more than three wheels, but it’s also useful for cars that only use one wheel. 

Tesla has not yet responded to requests for comment on the incident.

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