Google and Facebook unveil new posters, printing technologies

The companies announced their new poster technologies today and announced that they’re rolling them out to their global customers.

The poster printing technology is part of Google’s Poster Printing Project.

It is similar to what Facebook has been doing for the past year or so.

In fact, Google’s poster printing project is the one that made it possible for Facebook to become a global powerhouse in advertising, but Facebook also has some advantages in that it has a bigger team and more staff to develop its poster printing technologies.

Google’s poster technology will help Google and other advertisers generate a more consistent and more memorable content experience, which is important to advertisers who are looking for targeted and compelling ads that work with a wide range of devices.

Posters will be printed using a process that includes the printing of a layer of ink and a layer containing a pre-printed image.

Each layer of paper has a different texture, color, and print size, according to Google.

The ink layer will be a thin, transparent layer that has a lower viscosity, making it easier to see the print.

The paper will be made from recycled paper and can be recycled through a process called carbon filtration.

The printers will be located in locations that are suitable for printing on.

Google and Facebook’s posters will be available to advertisers as a subscription service.

Google and its partners are launching the posters in two sizes, posters 1-inch and posters 10-inches.

The company says that each poster will be manufactured in its own facility in a city where it has its own production facilities.

Google says that its first poster is currently available in 10 countries, including Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Google also says that it is working with partners around the world to distribute the posters as a monthly subscription service for its customers.

For advertisers, Google says its poster technology is designed to provide a uniform look across devices.

Google’s technology will be used to print posters that look like a poster from a variety of sources.

Google is working on other posters, too.

The Google+ logo will be displayed on a poster that includes an image of Google+ from the past month.

Google will also provide the poster with a high-resolution version of the image so that users can read it on a phone, tablet, or computer.

The new technology also includes a poster template that advertisers can use to create posters with a variety and custom look.

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