Why social distancing posters aren’t as effective as the experts say

Posting in a crowded bar, someone’s phone buzzing or your phone is charging, the social distanced poster is a surefire way to get the attention of a person you’d like to meet, says social distancer and author and author of “How to Meet Your Mentors” John Galt.

But while that approach may seem easy, it doesn’t work all that well.

So the authors of “Social Distancing Poster: How to Get the Attention of Your Mentor” took their time and tested it out in real-world situations, including a trip to a bar in the middle of a busy street, a visit to a friend’s house, and even a casual night out at a club.

To test the idea of using the social distance of a poster to get your attention, the authors and their team posed three scenarios to their participants:They posed the scenario of sitting alone at a bar.

They also presented the scenario where they were standing on a busy road.

They posed a third scenario where the person they were talking to was walking down the street alone.

The results?

The poster’s ability to garner attention was worse than when they were in a bar or on a road.

When a person was on a sidewalk, for example, their ability to generate attention was just as good as when they went to a nightclub.

The poster also showed less interest in talking to the person and more interest in the stranger.

“What I like about this is, this is what’s happening in a way that’s not obvious,” said Galt, who also teaches at the University of Pennsylvania.

“There are other ways that the poster is doing something that’s more effective, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a social distance.

If they’re doing something else, I don’t know that that’s the way it works.”

In a second study, the researchers also tested how the posters affected how people acted toward the person in front of them.

They had the poster sit on a bench while they were walking and watched how people responded.

They found that the posters were more likely to follow the person on the bench when the person was in front and more likely when they walked with them.

But if you do, you can attract attention. “

What it shows is, you’re not necessarily going to be able to attract attention if you’re standing at a busy intersection.

But if you do, you can attract attention.

It’s a social distance.”

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