Which country is the most polluted?

By Emily SchulteIndependent writerEmily SchultesPublished December 12, 2015 09:05:31What do you think of the country’s top 10 most polluted cities?

Here are the rankings:1.

The United States: Washington, DC, ranked number 1 with 1,722,726 metric tons of CO2 emitted annually.

This is equivalent to the amount of CO02 that the average person in the United States exhales every hour.2.

Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, ranked second with 1.4 million metric tons, or 1.1% of total global CO2 emissions.3.

Colombia: Bogota, ranked third with 1 million metric ton, or 2.3% of global CO 2 emissions.4.

Russia: St. Petersburg, ranked fourth with 1 m metric ton or 1 m of CO 2 .5.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong, ranked fifth with 1 .6 m metric tons or 1 .7 m of global carbon dioxide emissions.6.

Canada: Gatineau, ranked sixth with 1 ,822,927 metric tons.7.

Germany: Berlin, ranked seventh with 1 2,923,824 metric tons (or 1.3%), or 1 in 10,818 metric tons per person.8.

United Kingdom: London, ranked eighth with 1 925,000 metric tons , or 1/5 of global emissions.9.

Australia: Sydney, ranked ninth with 1 1,023,000, or 7.4% of emissions.10.

Russia (the Union): Moscow, ranked tenth with 1 559,000 tons or 2% of world emissions.

Source: World Bank (2016)Source: BBC News (2015)

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