The new post office and post driver has arrived

A new post-office and post-driver is in the works, with the aim of making Australia more attractive to potential migrants.

The Post Office and Post Driver Partnership will create 1,200 jobs over three years, while providing an alternative to overseas post offices.

It will be the second Australian post office partnership to make headlines in recent weeks, after the State Government announced a deal with the US Post Office to build a second Australian Post Office.

But while the partnership will make Australian post offices more attractive, it will also mean the loss of more than 500 jobs at the Post Office of Australia, which will remain open during the rollout.

Post office CEO Ian Scott said the new partnership would give people the option of a job they liked in their local post office.

“This is the opportunity for Australians to work at home, and we believe it will be very effective in providing employment for the people who need it most,” he said.

He said the partnership would have a significant impact on the local community.

“[It] will reduce turnover, reduce the number of vacancies, reduce unemployment and ensure our community continues to prosper.”

Scott said it was hoped the partnership could help reduce the overall costs to taxpayers of Australia’s Post Office, which was projected to cost $3 billion in 2017-18.

In the longer term, Scott said, the partnership should reduce costs for the State and federal governments.

Mr Scott said there would be a pilot program that would allow the State to have a small number of drivers on-site at Post Office premises.

A $200,000 pilot program was announced last month.

Scott says there will be a large number of people working in the post office of the day.

We’re going to see more people coming in the year after.

People who are currently working at other businesses, like banks, have already moved into the Post office, and the new post drivers will take some of the workload off the PostOffice.

If you work in a job in a post office that is open, that is a very big change in the job market.

What the Post Offices are doing will also have a positive impact on Australia’s international reputation, Mr Scott said.

“We know that we have a very positive reputation in Australia and the rest of the world, and it is important that Australians are aware of the benefits of being in the Post offices of Australia,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

ABC reporter and broadcaster Paul Williams has been following the Postoffice partnership for the past year, reporting on its impact on regional communities.

He said it would make people more likely to work in Australia.

“I think that the fact that you can work in this job, that you are able to look after your family, that your children are getting the education they need and that you’re not having to travel overseas to look for work, that has a huge impact on your ability to stay here,” he explained.

“When you have a job that is well paid and well paid you have people coming and you can afford to live here, it has a very strong influence on the community.”

If you’re living in the suburbs, it’s really hard to get a job.

You’re really isolated and you don’t have a choice, and that makes it really hard for people to go to work.

“It’s great that the Post OFFices are trying to make Australia more appealing, but they’re also making Australia better for people who want to come here to work.”

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