New York Post’s Chris McGreal: ‘It’s not about the music, it’s about the culture’

The New York City Post’s latest cover story takes a look at the new music and culture at The Village and elsewhere, exploring the new-music and the new ways of doing business in an increasingly competitive, online and mobile age.

McGreal, who was the post’s first chief business and news editor in September, is the first openly gay chief executive at a major American newspaper, joining the New York Times as a partner.

McGraeys experience includes working in New York for 20 years, where he spent time as editor of the Times, the Post’s second-largest newspaper, before joining the Post in 2016.

His first big news story was the rise of a new generation of rappers.

Now, he writes, it is a new era in music and hip-hop.

“It’s been an amazing journey,” he told New York magazine, “to work with people who are as different as me and the Times to create a newspaper that embraces this world.”

He said that the Times and Village are “part of a bigger movement of people who want to explore a more open culture and a more diverse culture.”

McGraey, who has lived in New Jersey and California, said that he and his partner, Peter Zumthor, were the first gay business owners to open their own paper.

They built their company from the ground up by hiring people who already owned stores and restaurants.

They did it without a newspaper, he said, but with a website that allowed people to browse the pages of the paper and buy their favorite albums, and by adding a video section and a newsletter that offered tips and advice to its readers.

“We did it by opening a store, buying the music we love, and creating a community,” McGraed said.

McGreevy is joined in the piece by the Post business editors who have served for decades at The Times, including Michael Mungus, the paper’s first gay editor, and Brian Cogswell, who took over from him after Mungis departure in 2006.

The Post is also hiring a diverse group of reporters, McGraegys said, adding that he is seeking to hire an “experienced reporter with the ability to break stories and tell stories that others might not see.”

The story, which will run in the Sunday edition, follows the Post through its first week of business, which has been dominated by big-ticket news stories and the opening of a museum and a concert venue.

McGrey, who said he was thrilled to have such a prominent partner, said he hoped the article would help “to bring the Village into the 21st century and help it continue to be the cultural center of the city.”

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