The Huffington Post is a ‘post-truth’ publication

The HUFFINGTON POST, the nation’s largest media company, is under pressure after a number of posts about its parent company were found to be offensive.

The post-truth era, coined by The Atlantic’s Molly Ball and The New York Times’ Eli Lake, refers to the belief that the mainstream media has a duty to report the truth, even if it distorts the facts to suit the agenda of a particular political party or a particular social group.

This year, the Huff has also been accused of publishing posts about the US election that were highly offensive to many readers, including some of those who had been deeply hurt by Donald Trump’s election win.

As part of the investigation, The Huffer was ordered to pay $7.7 million to former blogger Molly Ball, who had sued the company after a Huffer post she made in October 2017 about the election was picked up by the Huffington Post.

But in a statement issued on Thursday, the company said it had not received any notification about Ball’s lawsuit, which it described as a “misguided” lawsuit that was brought in response to a blog post by another user.

The Haffe added that it had decided not to pursue a defamation suit against the blogger, whom it described in the statement as “the first to raise the issue”.

“The Huff never intended to silence Molly Ball.

We will continue to work diligently with her in any legal proceedings,” the statement read.

Ball had been seeking damages for her post, and was suing for breach of contract, defamation and infliction of emotional distress.

A Huffer spokeswoman said it would be inappropriate to comment on the lawsuit, but added that the company was investigating the matter and would be “seeking to determine what exactly was said in Molly’s post”.

According to a report in The New Yorker, Ball accused The Huffle of bullying her after the publication of her post.

Ball claimed that her post was attacked by commenters who described her as a white supremacist and accused her of using racial slurs, saying that the post “was the most vicious thing I have ever posted online”.

Ball also said she was attacked for being an independent journalist who had “had a lot of freedom” to express her political views.

“We’ve got the power of the internet,” she told the magazine.

“I have the power to take this company to court and get them to stop.

It’s up to us to stand up for what we believe in.”

The Huffer did not respond to a request for comment from The Australian.

The Huffle is one of the most profitable media companies in the country.

Its advertising revenue rose by nearly 30 per cent last year, but its profits have declined over the last five years.

Since the election of Donald Trump, The Huffington Post has been under fire for its coverage of the US president.

In June, it was accused of falsely reporting that a Trump supporter had been arrested on a domestic violence charge.

At the same time, the Huffington post has been criticised for being too close to the Trump administration.

In May, the paper retracted an article that claimed a member of the White House staff had attempted to “make a deal” with the leader of the far-right group Identity Evropa.

On Thursday, The Guardian revealed that The Huffs paid a total of $9.8 million to the family of the American journalist James Foley in a settlement over his killing.

The article had been published in May 2017 and had referred to the journalist as a White Supremacist and claimed he had been killed in the Middle East.

Following the publication, the newspaper apologised for the story.

Its chief executive, Ben Smith, told The Guardian that the article had “no place in the Huffer” and “has no place in Australia”.

In September, it came under fire after it published an article about a young white Australian boy who had gone missing in Egypt.

The story, which had been previously removed from The Houghton Post’s website, included a graphic photo of a young boy who was not his father.

Several journalists and politicians, including Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, expressed concern that the story had been widely circulated in Australia.

ABC News reported on Wednesday that the Huffs had received an “increasingly heavy backlash” from users in Australia, including many who questioned its “fair and balanced reporting”.

But The Haughton Post said it was not aware of any Australian complaints.

Last month, The Australian newspaper reported that the National Crime Agency (NCA) had opened an investigation into The Hucker Post after receiving a complaint from a woman who said her post had offended her in a way that was “unacceptable”.

The NCA said it could take “appropriate action” if it found that the content was “in breach of a law

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