‘Don’t be afraid’: Woman tells Craigslist post she’s ‘very, very sick’ after getting hit by car

A woman who told a Craigslist post that she had been hit by a car that slammed into her car and dragged her into the street, says she has “very, VERY, VERY sick.”

The woman posted a photo on the popular classifieds site and wrote, “Just got hit by my car at rush hour, now my body is shaking and my head hurts, I have very, VERY bad headaches and am having trouble breathing.”

Her comment was quickly removed by a user who responded, “You dont have to be afraid.”

But in a second comment, the woman went on to say she was still in a “critical condition” and that she was trying to get to a hospital.

She then posted that she would not leave her house.

She wrote, “…

I was in my apartment, when I looked outside I was hit by an oncoming car and I was thrown into the sidewalk and my car was dragged.”

The victim says she does not know what happened.

“I just tried to get out of the driveway.

I saw the lights flashing and the police officer was looking for me,” she told ABC News affiliate KOMO.”

He was saying ‘I can’t believe you are on craigslist.

Go get checked out.

Go,'” the woman wrote.”

Just tried to go to the hospital.

They said it was a serious injury and they couldn’t do anything to me.”

Police say they do not have any information about the incident.

The woman told the news station that she is not sure if she will be able to walk for at least a month, but that she has no choice.

She added, “I’m very, very, sick.”

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