How to use the posthole auger to post your message

Posted October 06, 2018 08:09:16 When the sun rises over the mountains, it can bring up an odd feeling.

You might get goosebumps.

Or a little nausea.

Or the odd sense of dread.

That’s what it felt like on Oct. 5.

It was an auger, a piece of machinery that can be mounted on a pillar and used to send a message across the planet.

This is what the post hole augers do.

And it’s been an interesting story.

It began with a request from a man in Ohio, who wanted to post a message to his Facebook friends, saying he was heading out to a hiking trail in his town.

He’d been warned by the post office to leave his message on a post hole because he was a postal worker.

But the post offices in the Ohio towns of Mecosta and St. Clair were out of place, so he made a mistake.

Instead of using the post holes in the post truck, he used the postholes on the post elevator in his office.

And he took a picture of his post hole and posted it to Facebook.

“The post hole was a big deal,” says David Fenton, president of the post-office union.

“This was the first thing we’d ever seen.”

Fenton says he was surprised that so many people were upset.

“I thought, I’m going to be a hero,” Fenton says.

“I was going to say, this is a good idea, we should do this.

I thought maybe I’m doing something right.”

It’s a little unusual for me to be able to see the post in person, but it’s a good sign for us that we’ve got a community in the U.S. that’s going to respond to it.

“The posthole has been a source of national discussion.

It’s been featured on the front page of newspapers across the country.

There have been hundreds of thousands of posthole posts.

And people have come to the post headquarters and shared the images with their friends.”

You can see people are just really excited about it,” Founton says.

Fenton’s union has started a Facebook page, “Posthole Augers and Postholes, The True American Story.”

The posts are getting thousands of likes and shares.

So the post is starting to spread.

The post office union has been trying to figure out what to do about it.

They’re trying to get the post to the Post Office.

But a posthole that’s used in a post office is a different story.”

We’re going to try to get them back in there, but that would be a lot of money for them to spend,” Funton says, “and they’d probably be embarrassed.

“Founton thinks the post should be returned to its original location.”

What’s going on here is that the post has become a part of our national culture,” Fenton says “That’s not right.

“Fenton is confident that this will change in time.

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