What’s the difference between the ‘crocodile’ and the ‘lion’? | NDTV

What’s a crocodile?

A crocodile is a fish-eating reptile.

It’s also one of the oldest known species of fish, living in the early Triassic period of the Cretaceous Period.

Its jaws, tail and scales are covered with scales that help it hunt and digest fish.

Its body is covered in scales and teeth to help it get around.

But crocodiles can also use their scales to defend themselves and its skin to protect them from predators.

The crocodile’s skin is similar to that of a lion.

This is not the only reason crocodiles have a distinctive appearance.

They are also known as ‘crotch-claws’ because of the shape of their claws.

And they’re known for their long tails, which they use to help them grab prey.

A lion is a large, muscular animal that can be up to 5 metres long and weigh up to 50 kilograms.

It is the largest carnivore in the world.

The lion is often confused with the giant groundhog, which is also a large land animal.

But the lion has a much larger body and a more robust body.

It also has a distinctive mark on its back that is called the ‘nose’.

This is a prominent spot that is used to mark territory.

A crocodilian can also reach speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour (62mph) and climb as high as 8 metres.

This means they can move quickly over obstacles, like sand dunes, rivers and lakes.

What is a lion?

A lion (or crocodile) is a long-necked, herbivorous reptile that lives in tropical and subtropical regions of the world and has been a member of the order Canidae since at least the Mesozoic.

It has a long body, with a head, two tusks, a tail and two pairs of legs.

It lives in groups of up of up, with males usually having larger groups and females smaller.

Lions also have a sharp, pointed teeth.

In fact, they have the largest teeth in the animal kingdom.

Lions can be found in many different environments around the world, including deserts, forests and savannahs.

The most common types of lions are the African Lion, the Asian Lion and the Red Lion.

The African Lion is the most commonly seen in the wild and is found in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The Asian Lion is a type of lion found in the rainforests of Asia, particularly in India, where it’s a major predator.

It can grow to be up 10 metres long.

The Red Lion is found mostly in Africa and is one of Africa’s most feared predators.

It was first documented in Tanzania in the 1970s.

It feeds mainly on the meat of small animals, like goats and sheep.

Its horns are long and sharp, and its tail is sometimes covered in feathers.

A rare species, the red tiger is a wild carnivore that feeds primarily on the flesh of tigers and cheetahs.

This animal was first discovered in the Himalayas in India in 1947.

It lived alongside other wild carnivores in the 1980s and has since been classified as endangered.

Why do we have lions?

Lions were introduced to South East Asia about 65 million years ago.

Their ancestors are thought to have come from Africa, but it’s now thought they evolved independently.

This process of evolution is called convergent evolution, which means that they are a part of the same species and have similar characteristics.

They were originally used as hunting weapons, so they can be a source of food for other animals.

But their claws and teeth are often mistaken for that of other carnivores, which has led to them being used as weapons of war.

Lions were once hunted to extinction in the Middle East, where they were hunted for their fur.

They survived in South East Asian jungles until recently.

How did they get their name?

A similar name for the same creature comes from the ancient Sumerian word for “lion”.

The name “Lion” comes from an ancient Egyptian deity known as Ra.

Lions are often thought of as a kind of super-strong, super-tough lion.

They also come from the word “Lilith”.

But they are not super-strength, they are just stronger than most other animals and this makes them extremely adaptable.

What are the benefits of eating crocodiles?

Eating crocodiles is good for the environment.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, crocodiles consume up to 60 per cent of the fish biomass in the oceans, and they also help to control the pollution of rivers, lakes and oceans.

They help to prevent disease and improve water quality.

They can also reduce CO2 emissions and increase biodiversity by helping to control pollution.

But what is the negative side of eating a crocodilian?

While there is little evidence that crocodiles cause harm to humans, there are reports of people being bitten by crocod

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