Post Malone has been a long time reader, and now she’s a posttracking subscriber

The Irish Post has been receiving a steady stream of queries about a post Malone recently shared on her Facebook page.

The post shows a photograph of a house on the beach, with the caption: “Waiting for this post to show up on the front page.” 

The post, which has been shared more than 4,500 times, was the latest in a series that began with the Post’s January 2014 story on the demise of a major online publisher. 

The Post story, which featured an article by Pulitzer Prize winner Peter Daou, highlighted the plight of digital publishers in the wake of the decline of major publishers like Conde Nast and Conde nast Digital, and the loss of the company formerly known as Penguin Random House. 

“Penguin is the world’s biggest publishing house,” the Post reported.

“It is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Advance Publications.” 

A week later, a series of articles published by the Post about the demise and demise of the Penguin company prompted Malone to post the photo of the house on her wall, which was subsequently shared by many readers. 

Now Malone is sharing the photo on Facebook, with nearly 6,000 followers, the Post reports. 

On Monday, Malone posted a photo of her house, along with a note: “I don’t mind being known as a post tracking subscriber.” 

“Post Malone is a long-time reader,” Post blogger Matthew Rucker told the Post.

“She is not only a loyal subscriber, but she is a great reader who appreciates a great story.” 

It’s unclear how long Post Malone will keep a post-tracking subscription.

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