What’s in the post that sparked the Facebook controversy?

The post that ignited the Facebook flap was a link to a blog post on the social networking site, the article said.

“If you are reading this you are not alone,” the post said.

“The government of Colorado has recently been doing everything it can to restrict the rights of those who disagree with them.”‘

There’s no place for hate’In the post, a former student at the University of Colorado Denver (CU) who goes by the pseudonym “Bobby” described the experience of being a transgender woman in the United States.

“I had a lot of friends who were transgender,” he said.

The post was written on November 17, 2017.

“When I was in high school, we were told that women and men had different biological sex.

When I was transitioning, they said it was because I had an ‘X’ in my chest and it looked like a ‘W’ because my breasts were smaller,” he told the ABC.”

The gender-based slurs I experienced were very damaging, and I was bullied for being a girl and being a woman.”

He wrote on the blog post that it was only when he discovered the words “men” and “woman” in a Wikipedia article about trans issues that he was able to identify with the community.

“There’s a lot to say about the world, but there is nothing that I can say about how it feels to live in a world that treats you differently,” he wrote.

“It is extremely frustrating and incredibly scary to know that your voice is not being heard.

It is so very important to have the support of your community.”‘

The truth is out there’It’s not the first time Mr Morrison has spoken about his experiences as a transgender person.

He has spoken out on the issue before, with his ABC program “The ABC’s Lateline” airing a report on his experiences with the government and the media in 2015.

“You know what’s happening in Australia is so shocking, and we have an incredible opportunity to show that the truth is right there,” Mr Morrison said in that interview.

“We need to show the world the truth about what it is like to be transgender.

It’s an important part of our history and it should be celebrated.”

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