How to keep your social media accounts ‘free of trolls’

LOS ANGELES — When social media companies start sharing personal information about users in the name of combating terrorism, they’ll inevitably come under criticism from users who are offended.

But many social media users are willing to give their information up, if it means they’ll have a better chance of maintaining a safe and secure platform.

Here’s how to keep the information private in your own world, as well as what you should and shouldn’t do to stay on top of the trends and news on the web.


Know your audience.

Most users will not know exactly what they’re getting into when they start using social media.

But most importantly, you need to be aware of your audience, and make sure you’re giving your content to the right people, says Laura Miller, a director at Social Insights.

If you want your account to have more of an impact, she says, consider creating a list of your users, who you want to follow and follow your audience more.


Be aware of the trolls.

Social media users can be aggressive on their own platforms, but they can also use their accounts to spread misinformation, such as false stories, misinformation about the attack in France or a conspiracy theory about the incident.

Miller suggests following up with users to see if they’ve shared misinformation.

If so, she suggests making a counter-claim that the user shared misinformation, or calling them out for it. 3.

Don’t forget to update your profile.

It’s easy to fall victim to trolls, but when your profile includes personal information, you may need to do more than just update it.

If your profile mentions your phone number or addresses, check it out.

If it doesn’t, then you can also change it, she said.


Use your profile picture and not your phone to avoid trolls.

A good social media profile picture is something that makes your profile stand out from other users, said Laura Miller.

You can use a picture of yourself, a group of people or an image of your pet.

That way, your followers will know you’re serious about what you’re saying.

If they don’t know who you are, you can always use a photo of a person or a photo from a news source to tell them, Miller said.


Use filters.

The first step to a better experience on social media is to use filters, said Miller.

“Don’t be afraid to be funny, to be sensitive and to use common sense,” she said, adding that she would rather people be posting positive posts and encouraging others to do so, rather than posting negative comments or hateful things.

Follow these tips and keep your profile safe from trolls, and keep an eye out for the latest news on terrorism and other topics.

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