China Post’s Chinglish poster is a little too friendly for his own good

Posted September 20, 2019 06:38:20After years of online vitriol, the Chinese language version of the U.S. newspaper The Washington Post has finally decided to take a more diplomatic approach with its English-language commenters, and the Chinese version of its English version of a Post post has fallen in love with the subject matter.

The post on a post titled “The best Chinese cooking tips” is a collaboration between a Chinese user and a U.K. user.

It’s titled “If you’re Chinese, learn to cook,” and it is from an account named “Mr. Tasty.”

The post was submitted in the Chinese-language version of The Post, and it includes this caption: “What to eat for a Chinese dinner.

Chinese food is my life.

And I can’t do it without Chinese cooking.

And my mommy and daddy cook for me.”

The Chinese user has written that he’s a cook and “tastemaker,” and he uses the title “Chinese Cooking” as his title.

The Chinese user’s post was deleted, and this caption appeared on the thread:”The best part about this recipe is that the ingredients are all in Chinese, so there’s no fuss about the pronunciation.

There’s also a Chinese tag on the recipe that says ‘this is good, it’s Chinese food,’ so if you’re feeling Chinese and want to learn more about Chinese cooking, check it out.”

The user has posted several other recipes for Chinese food that have received mixed reactions on Chinese social media.

Some have called it “cute,” others have said it’s disgusting, while others have praised it for its food, but said that the post is just a way for the Chinese community to show that they’re not just a bunch of Chinese people in a room.

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